Friday, May 26, 2017

Obama-cares VS Trumpcare Facts

Obamacare Repeal Updates
Obamacare VS Trumpcare Facts
Updated May 25, 2017

Job Creation
Presidential Term/Political Party

Private Sector Job Creation
Presidential Term/Political Party

What do you think the report
will read
after Trumpcare?

What would the report read
if it was
Madam President Cares?

The CBO released their score of Trumpcare 2.0 and the news is just as expected
The Congressional Budget Office (CBO)
announced their score for this version of the American Health Care Act
the news is good and bad.
Here are the highlights:
Rural areas of the country
could be hurt the most
if the republicans eliminate Medicaid.

For starters,
(Coal Country States)
like Kentucky,

States that voted republican, will be suffering the most if Trumpcare replaces (Obama-Cares)!

Since 2004, 1.1 Million jobs were created because of Obama-Cares.

Kentucky stands to lose 20,000 jobs because of Trumpcare,

(U.K Healthcare Hospital).


Tuesday, May 9, 2017 08:58 AM EDT

Obama-cares was never the

“job killer”

Republicans warned it would be —


Trumpcare will be!

Researchers estimate the GOP's new health care plan could cost America as many as

3 million jobs

Over 20,000 Retired Coal Miners
Could Lose Health Insurance
This Week
Jon Perri
Apr 25, 2017

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