Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Mandatory- All power lines underground

Mandatory- All power lines underground

What is so wrong with building all types of power systems underground?

We do this now with gas
I have listened to
some power company employees
am not buying their reasons!
Let's check out this newest storm
coming from the west,
now using
New York, New Jersey and New England
as a target.

Nor’easter to bring heavy snow, strong winds

As much as 20 inches possible in some areas; blizzard watch, coastal flooding watch in effect.

Watch the loss of power, loss of life and property.
This happens every year, every storm.

I can understand not going underground
with an older system
(A 240 VAC 3 PH system. Using two legs and a neutral of the 3-ph system).

If this system is done correctly
not covered until a
(Qualified Inspector),
signs off on the system.

Inspectors must understand
that they will
now be responsible
for the system,
for life!

In other words,

 "No cheating because you are paid to lie and cheat."

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