Friday, December 2, 2016

Why was Central Florida (hurricane dollar damage so low)?

Why was Central Florid 
 (hurricane dollar damage so low)?
A quick follow-up on a past post.
Matthew and East Lake County Florida!
In order to find the answer,
Because you will never believe the reason.
We must go back a number of years to a time of (Florida Style Powwows).

Spending some time with Floridians, one will see that most, at least the ones in and around the Ocala Forrest, moved there because they

'Hate laws, rules and regulations'.
If you do not believe this just ask them.

As for their cars and trucks, not only are there no Catelli Converter, many do not even have the correct muffler.

This type of person does not want "Big Brother" anywhere near their property.

Just what is it that they are trying to hide?

After Hurricane Matthew,
we watched about thirty, state, power company, phone company and contractor trucks traveling up and down our road.


Many, many, trucks, hulling leaves, branches, trees, pieces of building
no one called their insurance companies,
if they even have insurance.

Only a hand fill filed a claim to Lake county or FEMA!

Anyone wish to guess why?

Hurricane Matthew and East Lake County Florida!

Lets see

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