Sunday, August 6, 2017

History is not always bad

History is not always bad

Sometimes it was so good that you know in your heart
that it was.

Some of our history is a teaching tool as to what does not work so don't do it again or you will get the same results (Déjà vu)!

Sometimes you just know that some history is worthy of preserving.

I believe this to be one of those times!

Campaign launched to restore NASA's historic mission control room

CBS News August 1, 2017, 8:16 AM

NASA used the mission control room with its monochrome computer monitors and rotary dial telephones starting in 1965. It went dark in 1992, well into the shuttle program.

With NASA's slashed budget, the agency's priority is the future of space travel, not preserving its past. Space Center Houston, the non-profit that runs the visitors center here, has launched a $5 million fundraising campaign to restore this room to its 1960s glory.

Restore Historic Mission Control

Historic Mission Control urgently needs restoration. Please help preserve this National Historic Landmark.

Accept the Webster Challenge! Help restore this Apollo-era landmark.

Campaign Launched to Restore NASA's Historic Mission Control Room

Mission Control restoration would be completed for the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing

Houston, we have a problem.

NASA's Mission Control at the Johnson Space Center in Houston is in desperate need of a restoration after years of neglect has left the Texas nerve center for the United States space program in disrepair and looted by souvenir-seekers who walked off with pieces of space history.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

What Wind Power Critics Who Cry 'Bird' Get Wrong

What Wind Power Critics Who Cry 'Bird' Get Wrong

A flock of Eurasian crane (Grus grus) flies close to a wind turbine in Germany. NICK UPTON/NATURE PICTURE LIBRARY/GETTY IMAGES

Wind energy is one of the most promising sources of renewable energy out there. Land-based wind farmsgenerate essentially no pollution and have more overall energy-producing and money-saving potential than solar farms. If wind energy has downsides, they are that the turbines cost a lot to build, and that they kill birds. Or at least that's the story.

But how many birds do wind turbines really kill? And is it appreciably more than other sources of power? According to recent research, stats on the number of birds killed annually by collisions with giant, spinning wind turbines is either ambiguous or lower than one might imagine, given the fact that bird-killing is one of the top on the "Cons" side of the "Should We Build a Bunch of Wind Farms To Combat Climate Change?" pros-and-cons list.

One 2011 study found there's really no telling how many birds are actually taken out by wind turbines, since bird mortalities seem to differ so much between wind farms — suggesting that the location of the farms might have more to do with how many birds they kill than the fact of the turbines themselves. The study examined bird data for various sites before and after the construction of the facilities, and found a weak relationship between how many birds they predicted would die as a result of the wind farm, and the actual mortalities.

2013 study found that bird mortality from wind turbines actually differs from place to place (at least in Canada, where the research was conducted) and between species, while a 2009 study found that although, sure, wind turbines might kill some flying vertebrates, the numbers couldn't possibly hold a candle to the bird and bat fatalities caused by other forms of power generation. That study estimates that while U.S. wind farms were responsible for the deaths of about 7,000 birds in 2006, nuclear plants killed around 327,000 and fossil-fueled power plants 14.5 million. The researchers broke up the data proportionally, finding that while each gigawatt-hour (GWh) of energy produced by a wind farm was associated with 0.3 fatalities, about 5.2 birds would die at a fossil-fuel facility for the same amount of energy produced.
10 Incredible Wind Power Facts
Do wind turbines cause health problems?

Thursday, June 29, 2017

"Americans will be happy with what we give them!"

"Americans will be happy with what we give them!"


Another old, bald, white, bully, Goldman Sachs reject, in the Whitehouse Carnival.

Go figure!
Lies and half-truths as usual.

When will we get to see reporters and anchors interviewing
Ones with the knowledge of CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo


The loud mouth of a lobbyist looking to get into your pocketbook?

Don't get me wrong, Anchor Stephanie Ruhie did an excellent job on this phony.

However, he got to slide far too much in the Climate Change Business!

Coal my Foot!
Did you watch Gary Cohan with Anchor Stephanie Ruhie on MSNBC today?

Why bet on coal?
Trump’s top economic adviser
Gary Cohn defends Trump’s energy agenda
Gary Cohn is a


Registered Democrat,

But votes


Gary Cohn is a registered Democrat,
but has donated extensively
Republican politicians as well.

Critics of Gary Cohn
attribute to him
an arrogant,
risk-prone work style.

They see his "6-foot 3-inch & 220lbs" as intimidating, as he might "sometimes hike up one leg, plant his foot on a trader's desk, his thigh close to the employee's face and ask how markets were doing."

Welcome to the
Whitehouse Carnival!!

CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Our Military's best jet being made in India

Make America Great again
by outsourcing
our military's best equipment
to India
(For Sale to the highest bidder).

Our factories to China!
Our long time enemy!
How many more thousands of American Jobs will go out of this country before he is finished?
In January Trump,
Instead of summoning the best in America’s ideals,

Mr. Trump offered a fantastical version of America losing its promise, military dominance and middle-class wealth to

“The ravages of other countries making our products, stealing our companies and destroying our jobs.”

With sweeping exaggeration,
Mr. Trump spoke of

In the inner cities.
He deplored all of this decline as a betrayal of America,
implicitly trashing the four former presidents
who sat listening behind him at the inaugural ceremony.

Those presidents, Democratic and Republican, must have put
----->China. ,<-----

Offering himself as a kind of savior,
the leader of a

“Historic movement, the likes of which the world has never see"
Before Trump proclaimed he would have a different priority:
-----> “America First!”<-----

----->Buy American?<-----

India to Take Over Production of Iconic US Fighter Jet

How long before
our enemies
get to steal
and/or buy
the plans?

Buy American?

Ford to shift Focus production to China in 2019


How many of republican Trump voters will lose their jobs next?

Friday, June 2, 2017

America drops out of the Paris Agreement

The president the United States of America
is on his knees to

Lucifer President of Russia


He is not praying.

Now will be joining Putin's Demon Angels,
President of Syria - Bashar Hafez al-Assad
President of Nicaragua - Daniel Ortega

Minus 45/45/plus 45


Pittsburgh Pennsylvania President Hillary Clinton


West Virginia and Pittsburgh
changing over
natural gas
from coal

President Hillary Clinton
Caesar, Marcus Brutus, Stephen Bannon

Just have to love


"Morning Joe!"
most of the
known world

At least should by now know
about the king's dream
 in the book of Daniel
 in the Christian Bible?

Daniel 2:34
Anyone care to guess
 the next 'world Power'
to fall
embarrassing disgrace?